Appalachian Training Plymouth Rig


Recipe for a great armor set up:

  1. Start with a quality carrier like the Mayflower R&C Low-Profile Armor Carrier.
  2. Add Mayflower R&C’s breathable mesh cummerbund.
  3. Add Mayflower R&C shoulder pads.
  4. Combine all the ingredients and sell for one special package price.

That is the recipe that Appalachian Training followed for their latest armor package – the AT Plymouth Rig.The Plymouth Rig is named for a group of police officers from Massachusetts who had input into the design of the package. This package can be run slick or scaled up to a number of configurations easily by adding soft armor (not included), hard plates (not included), chest rigs via the SwiftClip attachment system (not included), and other PALS compatible accessories.

The recipe for a great armor set up isn’t complicated. It’s just great components at a great price.


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