Stark Equipment SE-1 AK Grip

Long before the current trend toward more vertically oriented pistol grips on the AR-15 started, Stark Equipment was offering their SE-1 grip. It was derided by some for it’s looks but many shooters who knew their backside from a hole in the ground appreciated the grip angle and saw it as an improvement.

Stark Equipment AK Grip

Stark Equipment helped blaze the trail toward more vertically oriented grips on the AR-15 so it makes good sense that they would do the same on the AK. They just introduced the SE-1 AK Grip. It brings the same great grip angle and comfortable grip that you like from the SE-1 AR grip to the AK. My wrists feel better already.

Check out Stark Equipment.

One Response to Stark Equipment SE-1 AK Grip

  1. ERK January 16, 2014 at 17:39 #

    Gas tube is just a hair short!

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