Apex Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch

Apex Tactical Specialties’ new Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch is designed to work in conjunction with their Polymer Armorers Block. The new Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch sits directly below the Armorers Block in order to raise the block off the work surface, protect the work surface, catch various pins and parts that you may be removing while using the Armorers Block.


It comes with a 1/8 roll pin punch and 1/16″ Allen wrench that snap into the tray. There is also a space designed to retain the Talon Tactical M&P Rear Sight Tool. The bottom of the tray has a ring magnet that captures lose small parts to prevent loss.

This Armorers Tray and Armorers Block are designed primarily to work on the S&W M&P line of handguns but it is also very functional for those who work on Glocks and other semi-auto handguns.

Check out the new Apex Polymer Armorers tray and Pin Punch.

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