PHLster City Special

The PHLster City Special holster brings some fresh, new ideas to a old classic gun. It is an AIWB holster for the venerable S&W J-Frame that is available in 2 different versions. The standard version is a fairly straightforward AIWB holster. It is the “Reload Cut” version that is extremely unique and innovative.

The Reload Cut City Holster features a special cut on the front of the holster that allows the cylinder to be inserted with the charge holes facing up for easy access with your speed loader/speed strip. This holster is basically a way to adapt the classic one hand reload method of returning the handgun to the holster. It holds and stabilizes the j-frame so that the user’s only working hand is free to retrieve and insert spare ammo. It isn’t fast but there is no fast way to reload a revolver with one hand.

Check out the City Special from PHLster.

PHLster City Special PHLster City Special Revolver Inserted

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