The PKM from Max Venom

What do you get when you splice the DNA of a karambit and a pikal knife? Something pretty wicked like the PKM from Max Venom.


PKM stands for Pikal, Karambit Mix and it is a pretty good descriptor of what the PKM is. It features the distinctive finger ring of a karambit with the reverse edge that is typical of a pikal design.

This design is basically a response to those who want a larger version of Max Venom’s fairly well known karambit-based last ditch knife – the Karambite. Like the Karambit, the PKM is designed to be slim and easy to conceal at just 6.625″ of overall length. It is ground from S35VN steel and comes with a compact kydex sheath.

Pre-order your PKM from Max Venom.


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