ROSCH Works SL1 News

The reception for the ROSCH Works SL1 has been very warm now that it is finding its way into the hands of users. I have been able to gather details on a number of items in the works for the SL1.

The SL1 currently makes use of an acrylic lens with optical grade coatings. This was chosen for durability. Some users have expressed interest in a sapphire lens option so ROSCH Works is currently testing the feasibility of such an option.

ROSCH Works SL1 Front

We mentioned previously that there are different tailcap options planned for the SL1 including a tape switch and clicky style cap. It appears that ROSCH Works is likely to kill both those birds with one stone. They are currently developing an adapter that will allow the use of Surefire E-series tailcaps including their tape switches.

Finally, you can expect to see spare parts on the ROSCH Works website within the next several weeks. I always appreciate when a company is committed to having spare parts available to end users.

Check out the SL1 Sight Light at

I currently have one of these in hand for review so stay tuned.

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