Revisiting the Issues with 72 Tactical Sewing Company

The rabbit hole seems to just keep going deeper and deeper in the case of 72 Tactical Sewing Company. I mentioned recently that Fight and Flight Tactical was severing ties with 72 Tactical and that Tiger Tailor claimed that 72 Tactical had ripped off their original plate carrier design. I also mentioned in that post that others had contacted me directly in regard to their dealings with 72 Tactical.


One of those who contacted me is the owner of ECHONINER Tactical. At the time, I didn’t mention this specifically because there was no documentation or clear timeline of the perceived wrong-doing. Now ECHONINER Tactical has laid out their complete dealings with 72 Tactical including several instances of alleged fraud including supporting documentation.

The entire situation is very unfortunate.

72 Tactical Sewing Company declined to comment. You can read their previous responses in the earlier post about this issue.

One Response to Revisiting the Issues with 72 Tactical Sewing Company

  1. Publius September 10, 2013 at 22:33 #

    It’s like a Tactical Soap Opera!

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