Fight and Flight Tactical Severs Ties with 72 Tactical

LLAMA PackMany of you are familiar with the pack formerly known as the Skinny Sasquatch. It is somewhat like an up-sized version of the Fight and Flight Tactical Defilade Pack with a ton of additional features that make it very scalable. The pack is designed and manufactured by Fight and Flight Tactical and it was distributed by 72 Tactical.

Due to some serious issues, Fight and Flight Tactical has cut ties with 72 Tactical. I won’t air out all the details at this time but the following image that alleges IP theft is currently making its way around Facebook and it appears to me to be just the tip of the iceberg.


Whenever something like this happens, there is likely to be a lot of back tracking, double talk, and supporters from both sides lining up to defend their favorite gear maker. It will take a long time to sort this out fully, if it is ever fully sorted out. The plate carrier issue above is not the only, or even the most serious, alleged issue with 72 Tactical. The most important details to come out of this is:

The Skinny Sasquatch will now be called the LLAMA Pack (Long-range, Low-Profile, Adaptable, Mission, Assault Pack). The packs will still be made in-house at Fight and Flight Tactical and distribution will move in-house as well. These will be on the Fight and Flight Tactical website soon. Stay tuned for more details on the pack as they are available and a full review.

UPDATE: The LLAMA Pack is now available at

LLAMA Pack Gun Bearing

3 Responses to Fight and Flight Tactical Severs Ties with 72 Tactical

  1. 72 August 15, 2013 at 10:44 #

    Just received some horrible news this morning, there is a disgruntled customer of our who has been purchasing supplies us in the past. Has posted I have copied 1 of his designs…….. Yes I did purchase one of Tiger tailor plate Carrier back in March 13. I was contemplating bring this carrier the US for him for sale. During the testing the Plate Carrier Failed.

    Failure #1 was the padding in shoulder straps and lower lumbar.
    Failure #2 didn’t allow for multiple size plates.
    Failure # 3 would not fit a small to XL frame person.
    Failure #4 alignment of the plates.
    Failure #5 was the mag pouch built on the the carrier.
    Failure #6 it was not low profile enough for our needs.

    Which all were discussed with the other company

    The Plate Squatch addressed all the concerns, making this product far superior.

    After reviewing the defects of the Tiger Tailor plate carrier, we decided not to bring this product in and sell it in the US.

    I resumed design and development on a the Plate Carrier started months long before, the result is the current Plate Squatch.

    While similar in appearance they are not the same design!

    I guess tiger tailor invented the plate carrier 😉

  2. 72 August 15, 2013 at 10:53 #

    Now as far as the Skinny Sasquatch. Make it known that this pack would not have existed until 72 Tactical came to fight and flight Tactical looking to make a pack that would meet the needs for a all in one design. It was our design and features that made this bag what it is. Yes Fight and Flight made the bag, but my new designs made this bag what it is give us the dues needed. Funny how you guys at JTT will jump all over some body new, without the knowing the truth. Fight and flight tactical owes 72 tactical over 7,800.00 dollars. This issue is why all this is going on! Waiting on 10 Multicam and 10 coyote Skinny Sasquatchs. For orders that have been pending.

    • Matt August 15, 2013 at 11:02 #

      I would hardly call this article jumping “all over some body new” [sic]. The allegations, other than those made public on Facebook, against 72 Tactical were not specifically mentioned or aired out in a public way. As I said in the post, it is always difficult to sort through these types of sitatuations but a manufacturers response and the grace shown (or not shown) in that response can be a really good indicator for consumers like me. Thanks for sharing your side.

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