Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division Tomahawks

You might know Helm Forge already for their line of hand forged knives. James Helm, the mastermind behind Helm Forge, is expanding operations beyond just forging with the introduction of his stock removal division: Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division.

The first offering that the Grinding Division is rolling out is a line of tomahawks. These hawks are water-jet cut from 1/4″ thick 4140 steel and then hand ground to final shape. They feature thick micarta slab handles. They come in 2 lengths, 12″ and 18″, and you can choose a spike or hammer poll.

firstbatch (14)

The coolest thing about the spike ‘hawks is that they offer two different spike profiles: a combat spike and a pry spike. The combat spike is thinned out and features more aggressive cutting edges. The pry spike is more angular and can be use to puncture and pry your way into or out of sticky situations.

All steel tomahawks with full tang construction and micarta handles typical cost quite a bit of money. These tomahawks from Helm Enterprises are some of the most reasonably priced that I have seen (they start at $200 and don’t really go up much from there). These aren’t machine made, budget hawks either. These are packed with a lot of really well thought out features and made right here in the USA. They even offer heavy plastic training versions.

Check out Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division.

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