Hearing Protection Cover Updates from OC Tactical

OC Tactical makes a lot of different gear but they are probably best known for their Hearing Protection Covers. They get a lot of questions regarding whether they still make them because they are never in stock on their site. The answer is yes, they do still make them… a lot of them in fact. They do a run of them every week. The demand is so high that they have trouble keeping up with just the inquiry emails.

The bad news is that, in the near term, the covers are still hard to get your hands on. The good news is that OC Tactical is exploring various ways to speed production and get these into your hands. Stay tuned for details.

Check out OC Tactical.

OC Tactical Kryptek Ear Pro Covers

Worth the wait…

One Response to Hearing Protection Cover Updates from OC Tactical

  1. Philpac August 7, 2013 at 21:11 #

    These look very similar to the Original SOE headband covers I use. The only difference I see from the above pic is the SOEs have a strip of loop on top for a name tape. I’ve grown quite fond of the Kryptek patterns.

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