MSM Bottle Corset

There are a ton of different water bottles on the market and you are like me, you have accumulated several of them over the years. it can be a real pain in the rear to find a good solution for carrying all of them so you end up with bottles that you either don’t use because you lack a decent pouch for them or you have to keep them somewhere that is less than ideal – like buried in your pack. If that sounds familiar, Mil-Spec Monkey is about to make your day with the Bottle Corset.


The MSM Bottle Corset is the most adjustable bottle holder that I have seen. I have had one in hand for a few weeks and I haven’t found a bottle that it won’t fit. I have used it with several different sizes and shapes of Nalgene bottles, several sizes of Camelbak Better Bottles, and even the throw-away 20 ounce bottles that you get at the store.

The Bottle Corset makes good use of shock cord so that it is extremely adjustable and flexible. It is adjustable for depth and also features a retainer cord that can be configured a number of different ways. It is MOLLE compatible and mounts via the included MALICE clips.

This pouch is versatile enough to be used to store 2 magazines in pinch. However, care should be taken because the pouch will lose tension once one of the magazines is removed.

Check out the new Bottle Corset from Mil-Spec Monkey and stay tuned for a full review!


2 Responses to MSM Bottle Corset

  1. Patriotic Sheepdog August 5, 2013 at 20:15 #

    Matt, I see that AR mags can fit, but can it be adjusted for AK mags as well? I love gear that can serve different roles.

  2. MichelleBrookeG August 6, 2013 at 12:06 #

    I’ve looking for something like a HSGI Taco that will fit a Surefire 60rd mag. This looks like it might work.

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