And Now You Know… The Rest of the Story

end plate sling

I recently posted a picture from Echo Nine Three that showed how to convert an old AR-15 receiver end plate into a sling mount. That is pretty interesting on its own but when you know the rest of the story, it is even more interesting. Joe, the owner of Echo Nine Three, dropped by to mention that the picture was taken inside a Land Cruiser… on an iPhone… in Afghanistan.

Cool that you posted this. The photo work was done inside a Land Cruiser in Afghanistan with a iPhone 4. HAHAHA!

I just thought it was pretty cool that Joe doesn’t let a little thing like being in Afghanistan get in the way of dropping some DIY knowledge on the rest of us. And now you know… the rest of the story!

One Response to And Now You Know… The Rest of the Story

  1. Joe Elledge August 2, 2013 at 13:09 #

    And there you go posting about it again. HAHAHA. I cant take credit for the idea on that one though. But, actually my idea behind the E93 sling adaptors came from here as well. I rigged up a buddies Chinese Type 56 under folder when the rear sling loop on the folder hinge broke off. I used a 550 cord loop and a Leatherman to file a notch in the grip.

    It worked so well I did the same to my issued AMD-65. I posted it on calling it the $0.02 sling adaptor, or something to that effect. The V1 is simply a metallic version of that improvised item. Everything just took off from there.

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