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msm-adapt-pack-010I have been wanting to tell you all about Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM) Adapt Pack for weeks and now I finally can! This MSM/Tactical Tailor collaboration is based on the Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack (ROP). The Adapt Pack keeps everything that makes the ROP great intact and, in true Monkey style, adds some very slick functionality.

The Adapt Pack is identical in size and quality of construction. The size of the ROP and its derivatives is one of its best attributes. It straddles the line between EDC bag, day hike bag, and assault bag perfectly. The Adapt Pack also retains the ability to be docked onto a larger bag or plate carrier and includes all the necessary hardware to accomplish this.


There are a handful of differences between the Adapt Pack and ROP that revolve around the idea of making the Adapt Pack, well… more adaptable. It is cleverly designed to work in either traditional 2 strap backpack configuration or as a single strap sling bag with stabilizer strap. The sternum strap has an extra removable female side release buckle. This buckle can be moved to either pack strap (fully ambidextrous) to serve as a docking point for the opposite pack strap. You’ll want to watch the video to see how it works. It is extremely seamless and the transition can actually be done while you are wearing the pack.

The single strap configuration offers the capability of being able to pull the pack around to your front to access its contents. To support this capability, the front pouch on the Adapt Pack has been modified to allow access from either side. The interior now features a large loop Velcro panel so that you can add items like Blue Force Gear Dappers or other Velcro backed pouches. You can actually mount magazine pouches inside this pouch and fight out of it like a chest rig.


I have had one of these for several weeks and I am thrilled with it. I am glad I can finally tell you about it. Stay tuned for a full review. In the mean time, check out the MSM Adapt Pack at


One Response to MSM Adapt Pack

  1. Pete W August 1, 2013 at 17:36 #

    Wow that is a really nice looking pack, can’t see that its missing anything useful and its loaded with features!

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