Pro-Tech Knives Rockeye

Pro-Tech Knives is known for making high value automatic knives that fire hard and for offering great customer service to back up those knives. Les George is known for broad, sweeping drop point blades and hand filling handle designs. That sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

George flat blk proto George-back side

Pro-Tech introduced the Rockeye, a Les George collaboration, at this year’s Blade Show and released 260 prototypes (200 plain or knurled handles, 60 with sterling silver skulls inset) some of which are still on the market. The Rockeye is a fairly large knife at 8.4″ overall with a 3.4″ long, .125″ thick blade. The handle is .5″ thick and a full 5″ long! It weighs around 4.6 ounces so, while this knife is a large and a bit heavy, it is still very doable for every day carry.

The blade is ground from CPM D2 steel and all of the prototype models feature a black DLC coating. The pocket clip is configured for right-handed tip up carry. The release button, clip, and hardware are all blackened to match the blade.

The Rockeye has Pro-Tech’s typically well executed release button which, in my experience, do not require a safety. The button sits low and is well protected from accidental release. The button usually has to be pressed very slightly below the surface of the scale in order to release the blade. I greatly prefer Pro-Tech autos because of how well this system works without the need for a safety.

The Rockeye will go into regular production in August or September.

This is a handsome knife. Check out the Rockeye prototypes at BladeHQ.

George knurl proto George Skull

One Response to Pro-Tech Knives Rockeye

  1. Matt @ July 16, 2013 at 00:52 #

    I love the look of Pro-tech knives. They are always so clean and sleek. Awesome shape to the belly on that blade as well.

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