BFG Hive Satchel – New Color Combination Available

I have been using a Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel as my EDC bag for several months now and it has really grown on me in spite of my initial misgivings about its appearance. That unique appearance is a purposeful part of the design that makes the Hive Satchel very effective at concealing not only its contents but also its purpose.

Blue Force Gear releases each color combination in a limited run of only 300 pieces. This prevents any sort of telltale visual pattern from forming to further bolster its discreet nature. As you can imagine, each color scheme is likely to sell out quickly and so it is with the previous Wolf Grey color combination. Its replacement has arrived as of this morning.

HIVE-2 3

The latest color combination is 3 Color Desert with Burnt Orange and I have to say, I think it looks pretty cool. Camo is very fashionable right now and the burnt orange really pops against the 3 color desert background. My first reaction was something like “why would you make a discreet weapon carry bag with such an eye catching color all over.” Then I realized that it makes perfect sense because the entire point of the Hive Satchel is to be a discreet carry bag that doesn’t look like a discreet carry bag. It’s very meta.

Check out the new 3 Color Desert with Burnt Orange Hive Satchel at Blue Force Gear.


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