Tilley LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat

I was recently wandering through a local store trying to kill some time when I noticed a familiar display of hats with a familiar camo pattern all over it. The classic Tilley T3 is now available in Multicam!


Tilley calls it the LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat and they refer to the camo pattern as “Multi-Camoflauge Print.” The LT3C has the same snap-up sides as the T3, the same medium brim, the same famous hidden pocket and the same lifetime guarantee and insurance against loss. It’s everything you love about Tilley hats. The difference is that, unlike the T3 which is made from cotton canvas, the LT3C is made from Multicam cordura nylon.

Check out the LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat at Tilley.com.

One Response to Tilley LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat

  1. Wingman115 July 10, 2013 at 00:26 #

    Here’s a link to a video review I did on the Tilley Hat.


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