Tactical Handyman: Pocket Clip Grip Tape

When you withdraw a folding knife that is clipped in your pocket, you typically place your thumb on the grip of the knife and your index finger on pocket clip. This leaves you with just one finger on the slick, texture-less clip as you attempt to produce your knife. The more aggressive the texture on a knife handle is, the harder it will be to withdraw from the pocket which has always left me wondering why knife makers don’t add texture to the pocket clips of their knives.

The Tactical Handyman doesn’t wait for knife makers to wise up. He just adds his own texture easily and inexpensively with grip tape. Here is how he does it.

Grip Tape Knife Clip Endura


  • Knife of your choice
  • Grip tape (the Tactical Handyman prefers 3M 7635NA Safety-Walk because it doesn’t shed its grit everywhere)
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol


Tactical Handyman projects don’t get much easier than this.

  1. Cut the grip tape to fit. Be careful to round any sharp corners as this will help prevent the tape from lifting over time. You can cover as much of the pocket clip as you want. I usually just put a bit of grip tape on the top portion of the clip.
  2. Prep the surface of your knife’s pocket clip by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is dry before moving to the next step.
  3. Stick the grip tape on your knife’s pocket clip.

It is just that easy. You can do this to all of your pocket knives in just minutes. When you are done, take your knife for a test drive. You will notice that is much easier to get out of your pocket.

Try this in conjunction with the Cable Tie Knife Opener.

Grip Tape Knife Clip

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