TacStrike Update

TacStrike, makers of steel targets for high volume training, is changing they way they do business in order to better serve shooters. They have been busy lowering prices and reducing lead times in preparation for these changes. Here is the rest of the story from Rob at TacStrike…

TacStrike 14 Scale

“TacStrike would like to bring everyone into the loop on current events here at TacStrike. As you may have noticed we have been putting a lot of new information onto our wall and most of it has to do with sales and lower prices. As of last week Yvonne and I decided that continued pursuit of dealers (gun shops, sporting goods stores, etc) was detrimental to the future of the business.

Having dealerships forces a double pricing structure that makes everyone a little money but because steel is inherently hard to ship setting it so that dealers can make money on their end is a hard thing to do and stay competitive.

So effective immediately our dealers have been informed and they are clearing out inventory and/or I’m buying it back from them so that they are not stuck with it and TacStrike has slashed prices on everything we make.

Targets, Carriers, Steel, Gongs, Our Cardboard BSYF Targets and everything we have coming out have been deeply discounted to a new low price. No change in quality but a huge savings for the end users.

We are suffering a bit of a lead time right now but we will be fixed next week as I have production runs of everything we make in assembly and paint right now.

Our focus is still on training and you will continue to see great product lines that are training oriented coming to TacStrike and our target line growing as we take things from the drawing board to the range for T&E.

Yvonne and I are the only ones answering emails and calls and we touch every package as it heads to you. We are trying to be epitomi of a small business family and we are doing it while working our regular full time jobs with the hope that one day TacStrike will provide for our family.

We appreciate every one of you more than you can imagine.”

Thank you.

Rob Tackett
Owner: TacStrike

Check out TacStrike.com.

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