Squid Med Kit from Snake Eater Tactical

The contents of med kits can be expensive, so the concept of a drop-in organizer that lets you transfer the contents between pouches can make a lot of sense if you are on a tight budget. However, the organizer must allow immediate access and keep everything organized or it is not worth the cost reduction. Something like the Squid Med Kit from Snake Eater Tactical might be just what the doctor ordered (groan).

The Squid med kit

The Squid Med Kit is available in two difference sizes – small and medium. It is basically an organizer constructed from webbing and easily user replaceable 1/8″ shock cord that lets you turn any pouch into an organized and accessible IFAK.

You just load items like bandages, hemostatic agents, tourniquets, etc. into the Squid Med Kit and then drop it into a pouch or pocket. When you need it, you just open the pouch and pull the large, integral pull strap. Now you are free to remove items to work on yourself, someone else, or even pass the whole kit off to someone who may need it.

Check out The Squid Med Kit at Snake Eater Tactical.

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