makes and sells wood stoves that are made from ammo cans. Of course, you probably surmised that from their name.

Ammo Can Stove

These stoves look a lot better than a typical DIY project (maybe they just look better than any of my DIY projects). They utilize some pretty cleverly designed components and are reinforced to handle heat. The entire stove kit can be packed into itself along with your fire kit (it is an ammo can after all) and it still has the handle intact to keep the entire unit very portable. They also offer several accessories like baffles to prolong the life of the stove and distribute the heat, spark arresters, additional chimney sections, etc.

I was very surprised at the reasonable prices on these stoves. Ammo cans aren’t dirt cheap anymore and the stoves appear to make use of some custom manufactured parts. I would have expected the prices to be much higher than around $120 before shipping. I can already hear some of you saying “I can make on of those for $5 and some scrap metal in my basement!” Well, no you can’t. Check out the videos on the site to see what goes into these stoves. For all the time it would take to build one of these, plus the cost of the components, I think I would just rather support a craftsman in the USA than build one myself.

Check out for more information on all their models and accessories.

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