The use of .22LR training firearms has taken off in a big way because of the difficulty of procuring and affording ammunition during The Great Panic of 2013. Shortly before the panic started, I made the investment in both carbine and handgun .22LR training firearms. On my quest to make my S&W M&P 15-22 as much like my centerfire carbines as possible, I came across Tacticool22. They have several products that can help you soup up your .22LR to your heart’s content or just make it function a bit more like your centerfire carbine.

Tacticool22 M&P 15-22 Free Float Handguard Converter

Tacticool22 M&P 15-22 Free Float Handguard Converter

I spent a fair amount of time researching what I would need to adapt a rail like an MI Gen2 SS-series rail or Troy Industries Alpha Rail to my M&P 15-22. Much of that time was wasted because Tactical22.com carries kits that already contain everything I will need. They include a barrel vice block, free float handguard converter, and the 2 necessary wrenches (1 to remove the factory barrel nut and 1 to tighten the free float handguard converter).

I still had some questions as I planned my build so I sent them an email. They responded with an answer within 20 minutes… at 10PM… on a Sunday! That sealed the deal for me. As soon as I can track down which handguard I want to use, I will pick up a kit from Tacticool22 and do a full review.

Check out Tacticool22.com.

Low-Pro Products Handstop on M&P 15-22

Hopefully, the next time you see this, it will be sporting a new extended free-float handguard.

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