Lights Out Saga Update

If you have been following JTT recently, you know that the Lights Out Saga is a film adaptation of the well known survival fiction book Lights Out by David Crawford (AKA Halffast). The film is being produced independently and funding is being secured via crowd funding on Indiegogo. The folks behind the Lights Out Saga are committed to getting this film funded so they have now introduced several new support packages including $25, $100, and $511 packages with some really cool perks.

Lights Out Saga

They also released a behinds the scenes look at the trailer that they just shot for the film. The trailer shows some pretty slick action/shooting sequences and gives you a quick look at some of the gear that is involved (anyone spot the UW Gear Bandoleer?).

If you are a Facebook user, like the Lights Out Saga Facebook Page. If you want to get involved, check out the crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.


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