CHAPSminus from Blue Force Gear

Now you can make any pants into cargo pants with CHAPSminus… or you can just forgo pants all together if you are part of some sort of tactical Village People tribute band.


From Blue Force Gear:

CHAPSminus is the latest innovation of the MOLLEminus product line.  CHAPSminus is the logical alternative to traditional cargo pants in hot environments.  The open design keeps the wearer cooler and allows gentle breezes to pass directly through the CHAPSminus.  CHAPSminus is fully MOLLE compatible – allowing the placement of magazine and utility pouches right where they are needed.  No longer is organization limited to wherever pockets are sewn on to traditional cargo pants.

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One Response to CHAPSminus from Blue Force Gear

  1. Steve D. April 1, 2013 at 14:30 #

    Though there could be some uses for these, the size and non-conforming to the leg makes me pretty sure this is an April fools!

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