Pro-Tool Industries MAG-NA-FIRE Fire Starter

UPDATE 12/29/2015: Pro-Tool Industries has discontinued the MAG-NA-FIRE. You can view their new STRYKE-ALL Emergency Fire Pack at their website.

The Pro-Tool Industries MAG-NA-FIRE Fire Starter makes me weak in the knees. If you like survival gadgets, you better sit down.


The MAG-NA-FIRE Fire Starter machined from a block of magnesium so it can be scraped with the included scraper and used like you would any other magnesium fire starter. However, it also has a built in pencil sharpener style tinder scraper and a bullet puller so you can use gun powder to start a fire in a pinch. You can also remove the blade from the tinder scraper to be used as a small survival blade and if you plug the holes on the bullet puller it works as a survival whistle.

Are you kidding me? This thing is awesome! Check out the MAG-NA-FIRE at

One Response to Pro-Tool Industries MAG-NA-FIRE Fire Starter

  1. Patriotic Sheepdog March 20, 2013 at 21:09 #

    Seems very versatile. Thanks…

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