If Our Politicians Didn’t Learn About Firearms from Hollywood…

If our policy makers didn’t learn everything that they think they know about firearms from watching TV and movies, they might realize…

  • That sound suppressors should be treated as a safety device and their ownership should be encouraged.
  • That collapsible stocks and pistol grips should be seen as an accessibility aid that make firearms safer and more useable for a wider range of people like women, children, and those with disabilities.
  • That face to face firearm sales aren’t seedy back alley deals that must be done away with but rather lawful transactions between citizens.
  • That many police officers and military members are not firearm experts.
  • That shotguns are more difficult to shoot (especially under stress) than an AR-15. Yes, you do have to aim them.
  • That shooting any firearm into the air is a terrible idea and that shooting through your front door is even worse.
  • That it almost certainly takes more than shot to incapacitate someone and thus stop the threat they are posing to you. In fact, it might take 10 or more shots.
  • That guns generally don’t just go off on their own.
  • That gunfights aren’t fair and don’t have any set of rules, procedures, or decorum.
  • That children are safer when they are taught to handle firearms safely and to value human life.
  • That the police aren’t always just around the corner.
  • That hollow points actually make everyone safer (except the dirt bag who is being shot).
  • That full automatic fire is actually a liability in most cases.
  • That the staggering majority of firearm owners are good people.
  • That the idea tackling an attacker who is reloading isn’t as easy as it sounds.
  • That folding stocks are really only useful for storing your gun.
  • That shooting from the hip doesn’t work nearly as well as they think.

Perhaps most importantly, if our representatives would stop getting their firearm information from the TV and movies, Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy might finally learn what a barrel shroud is.

Barrel Shrouds

3 Responses to If Our Politicians Didn’t Learn About Firearms from Hollywood…

  1. Jim March 1, 2013 at 17:33 #

    We have to realize that these people are really after one thing; the gun culture. They may proselytize as doing this for the safety of the children, but they have been caught off-script (see Joe Biden) too many times being too honest. It is not about safety. This whole thing is about making it as difficult as possible to exercise your rights under the 2nd amendment. They want to change the gun culture. And much like the republicans who like going after unions, the democrats are using this as an opportunity to stick it to the constituents of the “other” team.

  2. Patriot1 March 1, 2013 at 18:15 #

    11. Holding a pistol side ways “gangsta style” is the most sure-fire way to miss your target.


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