ESEE Passport Case


One of the things that makes ESEE great is that fact that they aren’t really a gear company. They sell gear to support their love of survival training and adventure travel. So, when you are a survival training, adventure traveling company first and a gear company second, you get to make some very unique products like the ESEE Passport Case.

This passport case really blends adventure travel and survival training in a very ESEE kind of way. The pouch itself features storage for your passport (of course), credit cards, cash, pen, and USB drive. It folds into a compact package and can be hung around your neck to keep it hidden (and safe from pick pockets). It will come with a Fisher Space Bullet Pen and a set of travel specific survival reference cards.

These should be available from ESEE dealers shortly. Visit for more details.

Passport Case Travel Survival CardsPassport Case Izula Gear Space Pen

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