Velocity Systems LWPC at Appalachian Training

Appalachian Training is now carrying the Velocity Systems Light Weight Plate Carrier. The LWPC has been around for a while but this appears to be a newer version with some very slick features, especially for the price.

Velocity System LWPC

The LWPC can accept stand alone plates or plates with soft armor backers. The plate pockets are slick (no PALS webbing) for a lower profile and less weight. Previously, I have only seen the LWPC with a slimmer mesh cummerbund but this version comes with a cummerbund that features full PALS webbing coverage and elastic pouches on the interior that could be used to hold a number of items like M4 magazines, tourniquets, emergency bandages, etc.

The plate pockets have loop Velcro fields front and back for attaching ID and patches. The front plate pocket has a built in admin pouch (high center) and a kangaroo pouch. There is also a large loop Velcro field on the front that mates to the hook Velcro on the back of Mayflower R&C chest rigs that can be docked onto the LWPC. The LWPC scales up from a nearly completely slick configuration to a fully kitted out version in seconds.

Check out the LWPC at Appalachian Training. The price will surprise you.

Velocity System LWPC Cummerbund Inner


One Response to Velocity Systems LWPC at Appalachian Training

  1. EGS February 13, 2013 at 12:49 #

    what’s the point in a camoflage pattern if you are going to cover it in non-camoflage webbing/elastic/velcro?
    I see this too often and belive it is a lack of attention to detail or a desire to trade visual continuity with cost.

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