Crimson Trace Defender Series


I am a big fan of Crimson Trace (CT) products. They are really the only handgun mounted lasers that I have ever been able to warm up to and recommend. While I do recommend Crimson Trace products heartily, I also acknowledge that they have not been affordable for everyone… until now. The new Defender Series is set to bring Crimson Trace quality to a more affordable price point.

The Defender Series lasers all have MSRP between $129 and $149 and you can expect the retail pricing to be a bit lower. These lasers will be available for a more limited set of handguns and they are not as feature rich as the more expensive CT products.

ds-124_ghostedThe biggest feature that you give up with the Defender Series is the lack of CT’s Instinctive Activation. Instead of placing a sensitive button on the grip somewhere that it will be automatically activated when the handgun is gripped, CT went with a large, brightly colored red activation button for the Defender Series. I think Instinctive Activation is the best feature of CT products so users will want to weigh carefully the decision to save money with the Defender Series or just pony up for another CT product.

The Defender Series looks to be a solid value – especially the versions for the small CCW type handguns that derive so many benefits from laser aiming and where the use of the laser won’t preclude the use of a weapon mounted light. Check out the Defender Series on

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