Review: Multitasker Series 2X

The Multitasker Series 2X is the successor to the Multitasker Series 2 multi-tool that I have been using extensively for years. I never go to the range without it and I use it frequently for projects at home. I have become so accustomed to using it that I greeted even the small changes to the 2X with some apprehensiveness.

I have now been using the 2X for a couple of months. I wanted to see if the changes, while mostly fairly subtle, improved or reduced the functionality that I had come to like so much about the Multitasker Series 2.

Multitasker Series 2X


The Series 2X has the same grippy G-10 handle slabs as the Series 2. These slabs felt like an evolutionary step for a tool meant to be used on greasy, oily, dirty firearms on the Series 2 and it still does now on the Series 2X. It remains one of the best features of the tool.

The Series 2 and Series 2X both possess similar quality of construction. I liked the chunky metal components and bronze washers of the Series 2 and those features are all present on the 2X.

Multitasker Series 2X All Tools

The variety of tools is mostly unchanged save for a few tweaks. The lock up on the blade has been improved. Access to the file has been improved by adding a large notch. The pick, which I only used to fish out the cotter pin on BCGs, has been replaced with a 3/32” punch which is far more useful to me (and any other GLOCK shooter). The bolt scraper, castle nut wrench, box end wrench, and interchangeable tip screwdriver are still intact.

The two most noticeable changes can be found in the plier part of the tool. The original ball bearing pivot has been with a larger “hybrid” that feels nearly as smooth as the original. The jaws have been redesigned on the 2X to provide 2 different gripping surfaces. The teeth are finer near the tip of the jaws and much larger as you move back. The wire cutters are set more toward the center of the jaws.

The same (or a very similar) pouch and assortment of bits is included with the Series 2X. The pouch is made from a semi-rigid nylon material and is quite bulky. It can be attached to MOLLE compatible gear via a single column of webbing though the pouch’s footprint will cover more than just a single column.

The least evident change is the new metal treatment. The Series 2 had a Melonite coating that was extremely durable while the new Series 2X boasts an even more durable PVD finish. They look pretty similar and, so far, they both seem to hold up very well under use.

Multitasker Series 2X Jaws

Observations from Use

I think that much of how you judge the new Series 2X will come down to how you feel about the new plier design. The pivots are close enough to be unnoticeable but the new jaws offer some improved function when trying to grip larger objects like bolts while the finer teeth are the tip of the jaws still work great for doing finer tasks like holding a roll pin vertical while you tap it into the lower receiver. I like the new tooth pattern on the 2X for its increased versatility.

However, there some things I wish were different about the new pliers. The combination of the new pivot and the larger jaws makes the Series 2X noticeably wider than the Series 2 when using the pliers.  It is a large tool to begin with. This may be an issue for users with smaller hands, especially when the pliers are extended to grip a larger bolt. Additionally the new placement of the wire cutters, deep in the center of the thick plier jaws, makes them difficult to use. You can’t really see what you are cutting which may be a non-issue in some cases but it can be a little frustrating if you are trying to make a relatively precise cut.

Multitasker Series 2X Liner Lock

I continue to love the interchangeable tip screwdriver. It is one of the biggest assets of the Multitasker line of tools. I love that it takes normal sized bits so that I can easily and inexpensively build a small kit of bits to carry with the tool to match the specific fasteners that I need. I refuse to consider any tool that sticks me with proprietary bits with a limited selection. I can go to the hardware store and come home with bits to drive just about any fastener with my Multitaskers.

I noticed that the lock up on the knife blade has improved on my Series 2X. It wasn’t bad on the Series 2, it is just better on the 2X. It locks up earlier which gives more room to for wear.

The 3/32” punch is a great addition. It sits on a threaded post that is compatible with the cleaning cable of the Otis cleaning kits. The punch is perfect for detail stripping a GLOCK, pushing a stubborn take-down pin, coaxing a popped primer out of the fire control group, or any other number of tasks. I rarely used the pick attachment that came on the Series 2.

Multitasker Series 2X Pouch and Bits

The pouch is bulky (it has to be to carry what is a large tool by multi-tool standards) and because of that, I never use the MOLLE attachment strap. The size is a bit awkward in that is too wide for the single strap that it has and not quite wide enough for 2 straps. I just toss the whole thing in my bag or leave the pouch at home. Original SOE Gear makes a replacement pouch that is an improvement.

Wrap Up

The Multitasker Series 2X feels bigger and stronger than the Series 2 and that is really saying something. The pouch isn’t anything to write home about and users with small hands may have issues getting their hand around the new, larger grip, but overall I like the improvements. The punch is infinitely more useful to me than the pick. The new teeth on the pliers are more versatile and the other tweaks here and there generally make this a more useful tool to me than the original.

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Multitasker Series 2X Punch

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