BCM GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle and Compensator

Bravo Company USA had a very productive weekend. They rolled out two new products that are going to set the market on fire – the GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle and the GUNFIGHTER Compensator.

The GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle is the ambidextrous version of the excellent GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle. I use the GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle on all of my carbines and it has served me very well.


The GUNFIGHTER Compensator is going to be a force to be reckoned with if it lives up to its claimed performance. The early reports on this muzzle device are very, very impressive. It is designed to minimize flash (though that isn’t its strongest attribute and mitigate muzzle climb without the concussive blast that is typical of a compensator. Based on reputation alone, I am inclined to take BCM at their word on this. It will be available in two versions – The MOD O is an A2 Flash Suppressor sized device while the MOD 1 is long enough to be pinned on a 14.5″ barrel to bring it to legal length.

Check out the GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle and GUNFIGHTER Compensator.


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