Low-Pro Products Light Mounts

A few years ago the light mounts from Danger Close Consulting were really gaining traction in professional circles. Unfortunately, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they came on the scene or at least that is how it appeared to me. What I didn’t know at the time is that the mounts that Danger Close Consulting sold were actually made by AMS Machine and they pre-dated the Danger Close Consulting brand. Thankfully, AMS Machine is now selling these mounts under their own brand – Low-Pro Products.

Low-Pro Products has several light mounts available but this review will deal specifically with 2 of my favorites – the Offset Flashlight Mount Scout and the Short Projection Flashlight Mount.

Low-Pro Products Scout Light Mount

Low-Pro Products G2 Light Mount


The two light mounts in this review are very different in form since they are designed to mount two very different lights but they have more in common than you can tell at a glance. The Offset Flashlight Mount Scout is designed to mount the Surefire Scout series of lights and the Short Projection Flashlight Mount can mount a variety of lights depending on the size. My sample is designed to mount lights with a 1.032” diameter like the Surefire G2 (there are also models for the Surefire E series and standard 1” lights).

Both are machined from aluminum with a black hard anodize finish. Low-Pro Products mills away as much as of their mounts as is possible without sacrificing strength so you will find large voids in both mounts that reduce weight. Both mounts also hold their respective lights very close to the rail. This is a hallmark of Low-Pro Products… hence the name.

Both mounts are made from a single piece of aluminum. There is no rail grabber that must be tightened to grip the rail. Instead, the mount slides onto the rail and there is a single set screw that pushes the mount away from the rail to keep tension. The screws have a small rubber pad on the base that helps it grip and prevents marring and loosening under recoil. It is a simple and very strong mounting system with an absolute bare minimum of moving parts. Prudent users will apply a dab of thread locker to the screw.

Low-Pro Products Scout Light Mount Top View

Observations from Use

The thing that I most wanted to know is that these were still the same mounts that I have come to know and love. I am happy to say that they are. Those of you who knew and loved the Danger Close Consulting offerings will find that all of the same quality and functionality that loved in the DCC mounts can be found in the Low-Pro Products mounts.

These mounts are extremely lightweight yet still very durable. Their lightweight may take you off guard at first. In the case of the Short Projection Flashlight Mount, it is actually lighter in weight than common plastic light mounts on the market. The Short Projection Flashlight Mount weights only 1 oz and the Offset Flashlight Mount Scout weighs only .8 oz.

Low-Pro Products G2 Light Mount with Vert Grip

Both mounts hold the lights very close to the rail. They are more low profile than most. In fact, the hold the light so close to the rail that the light may actually bump up against some rail covers. I had to remove a few sections of rail cover behind the Short Projection Flashlight Mount to leave room for the tail cap. The tailcap that I use is slightly oversized and would not install with the rail covers in place.

These mounts fit well on the Ultimak AK rails. They are low enough on the top of the rail to stay out of your sight picture and place the light well for support side thumb activation.

Low-Pro Products G2 Light Mount Top View

Wrap Up

These are great mounts and I really glad to see them out there on the market again, readily available. They are light weight, durable, and very low profile. Their design is strong and simple… elegant even.

Check out the Low-Pro Products and AMS Machine website. Their products are currently available at Grey Group Training.



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