Zero Tolerance JB1 and JB2 Shroud Cutters

I like to keep a shroud cutter/rescue cutter with my first aid gear and I am always on the lookout for a deal. A friend of JTT passed along that KnifeCenter has the Zero Tolerance JB1 and JB2 Shroud Cutters on sale.

The JB1 and JB2 have more features than the cutters that I usually use. They are made from 13C26 steel and have a DLC coating. The JB1 and JB2 feature two oxygen tank wrenches and a box wrench, a carbide glass breaker, and a very large cutting notch. They also come with a MOLLE style sheath.

Check out the ZT JB1 Shroud Cutter and ZT JB2 Shroud Cutter.

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