Bogota Titan-7 Flats from SerePick

We always like to keep track of what SerePick has going on because they may some of the best and most discreet lock bypass tools that I have ever used. Many of their tools are based on the Bogota rake design and the new Bogota Titan-7 Flats are no different.

The new Bogota Titan-7 Flats set has a traditional “popsicle stick” design that makes it a great addition to any pick set or a great stand alone set. The set includes a Bogota Single, Bogota Double, Bogota Triple, Sabana and Monserrate Pair. It also includes a nice long double ended tension wrench that works well for top of keyway tension. Like other SerePick “Titan” tool sets, the Titan-7 Flats are made from titanium which is non-magnetic and therefore more discreet than a steel set would be.

Check out the Bogota Titan-7 Flats on


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