Proto Tactical Z-Comp

Every time you log onto an internet forum there is a new AR-15 compensator available. It takes some pretty solid performance to make a comp stand out from the crowd. One of the new comps that is garnering some attention is the Proto Tactical Z-Comp.

The Z-Comp gets its name from its proprietary “Z” shaped vents which it uses in conjunction with internal chambers to reduce muzzle rise. Users are reporting that this comp is very effective at controlling muzzle rise and, surprisingly, it doesn’t have the typical face melting blast that many comps display. By all accounts, this looks like a comp to keep your eye on.

Check out and you can purchase the Z-Comp on Ebay.

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One Response to Proto Tactical Z-Comp

  1. Battle Systems LLC October 30, 2012 at 20:23 #

    Wow – very impressive!

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