Mystery Ranch Spartan

You may remember the Mystery Ranch Spartan from late 2010 on Soldier Systems Daily. The pack generated substantial interest but it was still being perfected by Mystery Ranch. The Spartan was reintroduced recently and is now available on the Mystery Ranch website. It sports significant changes versus the first prototypes but the major features are still intact.

The smaller front pouch of the prototype has been removed and replaced with PALS webbing. Mystery Ranch also added some additional rows of PALS webbing on each side of the pack, a Velcro panel on the top, and their Spadelock system on the interior. The clever, double zipper, pull-to-open closure is still intact as is the excellent Futura Yoke.

This compact pack is absolutely loaded with features. Check out the Spartan on

One Response to Mystery Ranch Spartan

  1. Battle Systems LLC October 9, 2012 at 01:15 #

    Cool pack. I like that style of opening – ITS has a similar style zipper on their ETA Trauma Kit Pouch and it’s brilliant. Are you getting one of these packs to evaluate?

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