TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder

Mark Basa, owner of TAREINCO, has a mind that never stops. He works into the wee hours of the morning prototyping new designs. One of the most recent products of his fertile mind is the TSH (Tape Switch Holder).

It is pretty easy to guess what the TSH does once you hear its name. It is an elastic cuff that retains your tape switch pad without the need for rubber bands, zip ties, tape, adhesive Velcro, or any other stop gap method of securing the tape switch. The TSH allows you to place the tape switch anywhere on or around the hand guard.

Much of the versatility of the TSH is derived from it’s mil-spec elastic construction. Mark says that the TSH is tight enough to stay put on the rail and tight enough to aggressively hold the tape switch, yet it has enough stretch to fit just about any hand guard. It will even stretch enough to clear a front sight base.

The TSH is available in black, foliage green, and coyote brown from TAREINCO.com. We have some of these in bound for review and a giveaway so stay tuned.

One Response to TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder

  1. Mark K Sprengel August 15, 2012 at 19:45 #

    That looks like it may work on my AK. I was using tape but I may give this a go.

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