Hardpoint Equipment AMAS

A lot of companies throw around the words “modular” and “system” but few earn those words to the same extent that Hardpoint Equipment does with their AMAS (Axis Modular Armor System) plate carrier. Nearly every part of the AMAS is removable, replaceable, and adjustable or, in short, modular.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the AMAS is the replaceable front and back panel system. The front and back panels are secured with a Velcro and tab system and they are completely removable. Additional panels can be purchased and that opens up some interesting possibilities. You could set up one panel for an AR-15 and another for a 7.62 battle rifle or AK-47. The panels are also available without MOLLE webbing so you can turn the AMAS into a slick carrier. That is a tremendous capability. I should also point out that the panels are secure enough that the drag handle on the rear has been tested to actually function without the panel tearing away with the weight of a grown man.

The side straps and cummerbund are also completely modular and offer more adjustability than any other carrier that I have seen. The side straps have a unique 3-point design that allow a ton of adjustment for not only length, but also angle. You can choose the side straps or a cummerbund that allows the use of side plates (or both).

The AMAS can also utilize Hardpoint Equipment’s ventilation pads. These pads can be secured to the inside of the plate pockets to provide some standoff. This gap allows airflow behind the plates to keep you cooler and can help protect you from plate deformation in the case of an armor strike.

All of these features add up to what seems to be a very impressive plate carrier. The AMAS is currently available for pre-order from HrdPnt.com. You can stay up to date on when the AMAS will be available at the Hardpoint Equipment Facebook page.


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    that shemagh is sweet! where can i find it?

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