Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Story

I find this sort of information fascinating. I really like to hear the inspirations and concepts behind a piece of gear. In the case of the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed line of pouches, the inspiration came from a strange place.

Who knew that spandex wearing cyclists who act like they own the road could inspire anything but rage…

One Response to Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Story

  1. Mike@AppalachianTraining July 25, 2012 at 17:22 #

    Just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere! Just another example from a great company of innovators. BFG gear and more importantly their key leaders are absolutely top-shelf. The ten-speed gear with Helium Whisper is unbeatable when it comes to lightweight, a lot of better men than me chcoose to take the 10 speed gear into harms way. Great find JTT, was cool seeing the video.

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