SAR Global Tool Tri-Sig

SAR Global Tool continues their tradition of making signaling equipment that is easy to carry, stylish, and works across a variety of conditions. Basically, they make signal systems that you have no excuse not to carry because they integrate with your life so easily. That is certainly the case with the new Tri-Sig that is being released today.

Tri-Sig is short for triple signal which gives you a clue as to the functionality of the device. It can be used to signal or be seen 3 different ways: a highly polished #16 stainless washer that acts as a signal mirror, 1″ disk of reflective SOLAS tape, and 5/8″ disk of mil-spec lume tape (glow in the dark). All three of these materials are attached to a triangular piece of textured G-10. The signal mirror is aimed via a rivet in the center of the Tri-Sig.

The Tri-Sig can be carried a number of different ways. It can be used as a zipper pull, key fob, or even a pendant around your neck. The Tri-Sig comes with a stainless steel screw gate link with a break strength of 220 pounds for attaching it to various objects like zipper pulls.

Check out the new Tri-Sig at the SAR Global Tool Blog.

2 Responses to SAR Global Tool Tri-Sig

  1. PSD July 18, 2012 at 20:34 #

    Matt, I don’t see them on his website yet. Do you know the cost, and when he might have them for sale? Although the dogtag versions look pretty sweet as well.


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