Welcome Echo Nine Three

We are blessed to be in a position where we can be picky about who we partner with here on JTT. The companies that you see on the right side of your screen are all companies that we trust to take care of you with great products and great service. The newest company that we are privileged to partner with is Echo Nine Three.

ARS built AKM with Echo93 V3 Sling Plate and Dual Mode Sling

Echo Nine Three offers several products and services but they are most known for their sling plates. I have and use several of them and I feel that they are the best rear sling mounting points available for AK pattern rifles. There is no better solution.

In addition to the sling plates, Echo Nine Three offers the Dual Mode Sling, training, gunsmithing, and a really slick AR-15 lower receiver. Their lowers really fill a niche that is missing on the market. There are tons of lowers on the market with crazy graphics and gaudy logos but the Echo Nine Three M416 lower receiver is plainly marked. Not everyone wants a zombie pirate holding a chainsaw laser-etched on their lower.

We’re thrilled to introduce Echo Nine Three as our newest partner here on JTT. Check out Echo93.com and the Echo Nine Three Facebook Page.

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