Interstate Firearms Training Chameleon Sling

The new Interstate Firearms Training Chameleon Sling is one of the first truly unique “tactical” slings to hit the market in quite some time. The name “Chameleon” comes from its ability to easily adapt from a stand-along single point sling to a vest mounted sling.

The Chameleon utilizes 2 carabiner-like gate-hooks that allow it to be attached to a section of strap for single point use or attached directly to the MOLLE webbing on your plate carrier when you need to vest mount the sling. The body of the sling is constructed from stretchy material that is covered with mil-spec tubular webbing and there is a small stub that attached to the rifle. The stub is attached to the body of the sling via a large ring that allows the stub to slide freely along the body of the sling. The result is a sling that allows the plate carrier take all of the weight of the rifle and that allows easy transitions from shoulder to shoulder.

The Chameleon was designed by an 11 year veteran of the Coast Guard (8 of which were spent with the Deployable Operations Group) so it isn’t surprising that care was taken to be sure that the Chameleon worked well with releasable plate carriers. Typical slings wrap around the carrier and can prevent it from releasing correctly or completely.

These slings are being constructed by Jones Tactical for Interstate Firearms Training so you know they are going to be made right. They will be available in black, tan, MARPAT brown, OD green and foliage green. Contact or head to the Interstate Firearms Training Facebook page to order.

JTT has one of the Interstate Firearms Training Chameleon Slings inbound for review, so stay tuned.

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