Esstac AK Flap Retainers

I have an Esstac Bush Boar chest rig that I use from time to time. The Boar series rigs from Esstac are probably the most modular chest rigs on the market and, with the addition of new AK Flap Retainers, that modularity will be enhanced.

The Boar series rigs will handle AK magazines without the use of these new flap retainers but these retainers should go a long way toward stabilizing the magazine in the pouch. Due to the curved shape of AK magazines, the retainer straps tend to slip down and off the end of the floor plate.The AK Flap Retainers prevent this from happening.

If you have an Esstac Boar Chest Rig or Esstac Wedges that you want to perform even better with your AK, then check out the Esstac AK Flap Retainers at

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