Blue Force Gear UWL with Push Button Socket Available in Coyote Brown

I have written about the Blue Force Gear UWL before. It is one of those pieces of gear that everyone ought to have in their spare parts box because it has the potential to solve so many problems.

Now there is a new Coyote Brown version available that features a socket for push button QD sling swivels along with the sling loop of the original. The Coyote Brown hard anodizing is designed to blend well with Multicam or Coyote Brown slings from Blue Force Gear like the Vickers Combat Applications Sling.

The addition of the push button socket also opens up some interesting possibilities for transitioning from a 2 point to a single point sling. If this is used as your rear sling mount toward the back of your receiver and you use a push button QD sling swivel as your front mounting point, then this will allow you to turn your sling into a single point. This works especially well on rifles like the FN SCAR that have a rear sling hook right where the stock meets the receiver.

You can check out the new Coyote Brown version of the UWL with Push Button Socket at Stay tuned for a full review with some ideas for how you can make use of this new UWL.

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