New Images of the Emerson Knives/Multitasker Collaborations

Check out these new teaser images of the much anticipated multi-tools that are a result of a collaboration between Emerson Knives and Multitasker. These will be available for viewing at The Blade Show.

Emerson/Multitasker EDC

The “EDC” is a SAK (Swiss army knife) style tool that features the iconic Emerson Commander style blade with Emerson Opener (Wave). It has several integral tools as well as a detachable stand-alone pocket tool with a variety of uses.

Emerson/Multitasker EK-1 (tool selection may be different in the production version)

The “EK-1” has a multi-tool format. It features a blade reminiscent of the CQC-8, massive jaws, and a variety of tools. The tools have not been finalized yet.

I am a big fan of Emerson Knives and a big fan of Multitasker. I can’t imagine these being anything short of amazing. Consider yourself officially teased!

One Response to New Images of the Emerson Knives/Multitasker Collaborations

  1. Dan June 9, 2012 at 10:39 #

    Still wrapping my mind around this thing, it’s just wild. I think I’m gonna have to see it to believe it but the pics do look sweet.

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