Fight and Flight Tactical MAG Wallet

Many people refuse to carry a spare magazine for their handgun because they can be a bit of a pain to conceal. If you feel the same way, you will want to check out the MAG Wallet from Fight and Flight Tactical.

The MAG Wallet is designed to carry two spare handgun magazines concealed in a pocket in a way that is concealable and accessible. The mags are held just below the top of the pocket with the floorplates up, ready to be used. The exterior of the pouch is covered with non-slip material to ensure that the MAG Wallet doesn’t come out of your pocket when you draw a magazine. It also has a thin HDPE stiffener to help it keep its shape and prevent it from digging into you.

The MAG Wallet is currently available in 4 sizes that should fit many different types of handguns. Check out the MAG Wallet on

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