Strike Indsutries 1911 Grips

One of the first things that most people do when they buy a new 1911 is put new grips on it. Wood grips look great but there is nothing more practical than a set of textured grips made from synthetic material. If you are looking for some practical grips for your old warhorse, then check out the 1911 grips that are offered by Strike Industries.

Strike Industries makes their 1911 grips from polymer which keeps the price extremely low.  They offer a number of different grip patterns from smooth to very aggressive. They even offer grips in varying thicknesses which is great for those who prefer slim grips on their 1911.

If you like the grip that heat stippled plastic provides as much as I do, then their smooth grip offerings should be right up your alley. You can keep them smooth or go to work adding your own texture. You can make them as mild or as aggressive as you need.

Check out the full line of 1911 grips on

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