Surefire Maximus

The rechargeable Surefire Maximus Headlamp has received an output upgrade for 2012. It now belts out a whopping 500 lumens.

However, the Maximus isn’t just a brute. It offers the same level of refinement that we have come to expect from Surefire. The output is nearly adjustable between 500 lumens and 1 lumen just by turning a dial. There are no preset output levels. You simply dial the output that you desire.

It can be recharged at home with the provided AC adapter or recharged on the go with the provided 12 volt DC vehicle accessory outlet.It also features a gauge that indicates the current charge level.

The Maximus utilizes a reflector to provide a broad flood style beam. However, with 500 lumens, it can also brute force its way to a surprising amount of throw.

This is a seriously feature rich headlamp. Check out the Surefire Maximus on

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