Review: NukoTools PunchRing Gen2

The NukoTools PunchRing Gen2 is an improved version of the original PunchRing. The original was pretty good. This new one is even better.


The PunchRing is designed to be a discreet last ditch defensive tool. It can be carried unobtrusively on your key ring or in your pocket. Like the original, this PunchRing Gen2 is made from G-10 which is a completely non-metallic material that is very durable.

It can be easily slipped onto your finger with the long end wedged back into your palm and the sharp end projecting forward. Once it is in this position it can be used for punches, gouging, scraping, and other nastiness. The leading edge is quite sharp. I found it to be sharp enough to roughly cut paper (not cleanly but it will do it) and cut packing tape.

Left to Right: Gen 2 PunchRing, Original PunchRing


The PunchRing Gen2 is larger than the original in order to support a larger finger hole. I know several people with thicker fingers who weren’t able to use the original PunchRing but that find this new one to be perfect due to the larger finger hole. The newer model is also made from slightly thicker G-10.

The sides of the PunchRing Gen2 have two scallops. These scallops reduce the thickness of the PunchRing, allowing your fingers to sit closer together when you make a fist which is more comfortable. If you have the PunchRing on your index finger, the scallop can also make a great thumb rest.

In Use

Hitting something really hard with the PunchRing is no picnic for the wearer or the recipient of the punch. Thankfully, it is far worse for the recipient. I tested it with several hard hits into phone books (remember those?) and found that the broader, thicker Gen 2 PunchRing was more comfortable than the original but it still gets old quickly. It can be really hard on your palm, but the sharp leading edge of the PunchRing does a tremendous amount of damage to the phone books.

I also found that you don’t really need to punch with the PunchRing. It can be used much like a push dagger or even like a kubotan to attack pressure points. I suspect that someone with more training than me would find other ways to use it.


You must have realistic expectations for a tool like this. The PunchRing is obviously designed as a tool of last resort. It is a last ditch self defense tool. You will likely tear up your hand a bit if you have to use it but, rest assured, the recipient of your attention will be feeling it far more.

Check out the PunchRing Gen2 on the NukoTools website.

2 Responses to Review: NukoTools PunchRing Gen2

  1. The Edge Observer May 31, 2012 at 18:07 #

    I use phone books for similar purposes. Thanks for the review. Nice to see some good ol’ made in Canada products!

  2. Dan May 31, 2012 at 18:31 #

    Very cool Matt! Was lookin forward to this one, glad to hear the V2 is an improvement.

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