S.O. TECH Mission Pack, Micro Hydration

S.O. TECH has redesigned the Mission Pack, Micro Hydration (MP-MH) with an additional 1.5″ of depth and a covered hydration port. This adds some additional functionality to an already functional pack.

The MP-MH is designed to ride high so it stays clear of anything carried on the belt line. It is large enough to carry essentials (16x12x6″ and 1152 cu. in.) but not so large that it interferes with your gear. So what kind of “essentials” can it carry? Well, the new 1.5″ of additional depth allows the MP-MH to carry an entire S.O.TECH Viper plate carrier complete with plates, ammo, IFAK, and secondary weapon. The MP-MH is purpose built to carry these items.

This looks like a pretty functional small pack, especially if you are using or plan to use any of the S.O. TECH Viper plate carriers. Check out the redesigned Mission Pack, Micro Hydration on SpecOpsTech.com.

One Response to S.O. TECH Mission Pack, Micro Hydration

  1. John @ UWGear May 16, 2012 at 13:18 #

    Some good potential here…. I like.

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