Review: Fight and Flight Tactical Shot Shell Carrier

As if the Fight and Flight Tactical Hybrid Patch Panels aren’t already versatile enough, now you can add even more functionality with the addition of a Shot Shell Carrier. While this Shot Shell Carrier is designed specifically for use on the Hybrid Patch Panel, it works as a stand alone unit as well.

Fight and Flight Shotgun Shell Panel


The Fight and Flight Tactical Shot Shell Carrier is a pretty straight forward design. It is constructed from 2 pieces of 2″ webbing that are sandwiched together to make a backing. The back features a single row of MOLLE webbing and the the front has 5 elastic loops to hold the shotgun shells. It is designed to be attached via ITW Annex Clips which allows it to be attached to just one row of MOLLE webbing, making it more compact than most shot shell carriers.

The ITW Annex Clips seen here on the back of the panel make the small size possible.

In Use

There were no real surprises in use. It functions much like other elastic loop shell holders. It retains the shells well and allows them to be inserted with the brass up or brass down. Choosing whether the brass should be up or down is largely a function of preference and where the Shot Shell Carrier is mounted on your gear.

Many MOLLE compatible shot shell carriers are somewhat large. This isn’t necessarily because the size is needed to carry the shells but rather because a certain amount of size is necessary to attach to MOLLE webbing in the traditional way. This Fight and Flight Tactical Shot Shell Carrier is far more compact thanks to the use of the Annex Clips. They are really ideal for pouches like this that lack the vertical height needed to allow the weaving of MOLLE webbing.

Fight and Flight Shotgun Shell Panel Mounted on a 4x4 Hybrid Patch Panel


This is a simple, straight forward design that works and that is a pretty high compliment. It does what it needs to do – hold shotgun shells – and it doesn’t take up a lot of extra space while doing it. It works in conjunction with the Fight and Flight Hybrid Patch Panels but it also works just as well alone.

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Disclosure: This item was provided to me, free of charge, for review by Fight and Flight Tactical.


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  1. Dann in Ohio April 28, 2012 at 16:36 #

    I like it…

    Dann in Ohio

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